Unblock BeIN Sports in Australia Watch with VPN Smart DNS Proxy

BeIN Sports is a Middle East based streaming channel for broadcasting sporting events including La Liga, Champions League, Euro 2016, and the French League. BeIN Sports is definitely a favorite for viewers living in its broadcasting zone, being the Middle East and Northern Africa. If you live in Australia however, you will not have access to BeIN Sports as it is geoblocked. For this issue, there is two solution. You can use either VPN or Smart DNS Proxy to to bypass the geographical restrictions and unblock Arabic BeIN Sports in Australia. BeIN Sports functions on many streaming devices including your PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

How to Unblock BeIN Sports in Australia Watch with VPN Smart DNS Proxy
How to Unblock BeIN Sports in Australia Watch with VPN Smart DNS Proxy

How to Unblock BeIN Sports in Australia using VPN

VPN is the first method one can use to unblock BeIN Sports in Australia. Basically VPN changes your device’s IP address so that the website or app that you are streaming on believes that your device is not in Australia – but in the Middle East.

  • VPNwill give you additional privacy and security when you are browsing. All the traffic you send via the VPN server is encrypted.
  • When using VPN your Internet speed will experience slight drops depending on the quality and location of VPN that you purchase.
  • Setting up VPN can be done in a matter of minutes if you use a VPN application. VPN apps are available on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. 

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider many use to unblock BeIN Sports outside the MENA region. There are many other VPN services available that also allow you to bypass regional restrictions.

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Watch BeIN Sports in Australia using Smart DNS Proxy

The second option you have for unblocking BeIN Sports in Australia is by using Smart DNS Proxy. It is a tad bit tougher to set up and requires you to be a little more handy with your streaming devices’ network settings.

  • Smart DNS Proxy can be used on a wide variety of devices including your PC, Android, PS4, PS3, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV, FireTV Stick, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Using this service has the advantage that you do not have to change your settings each time you want to stream on a different site.
  • Smart DNS Proxy also does not affect your Internet speed or change your IP address.
  • A problem that can be faced while using Smart DNS Proxy is that your ISP can use DNS hijacking or transparent proxies which can hinder the user of Smart DNS.

Unlocator are a Smart DNS proxy service that supports watching BeIN Sports in Australia. Unlocator offer a free seven-day trial. You have plenty of time to check out the service and see if it works according to your needs. Unlocator also has videos and setup guides with instructions how to configure all your streaming devices.

Compatible Devices for BeIN Sports

BeIN Sports can be streamed on the following devices.

  • PC and Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod

Arabic BeIN Sports in Australia – Unblock via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy?

Now you have two viable options to watch BeIN Sports in Australia. Both options work completely fine and should be able to take care of your job VPN has a more secure but slower connection, while Smart DNS Proxy has a faster but less secure connection. Either way, you will be able to watch Arabic BeIN Sports in Australia. 





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