How to Unblock Fubo TV in Australia?

Fubo TV offers its subscribers the latest scores, match reviews and live matches of Seria A, MLS, Ligue 1 and La Liga. This is the reason why those who know about this live streaming channel are a bit disappointed as it’s only available within the borders of the USA. Fubo TV is geoblocked in Australia. You’ll have to use either Smart DNS or VPN in order to watch live football on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV via FuboTV.

How to Unblock Fubo TV in Australia?
How to Unblock Fubo TV in Australia?

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Stream FuboTV in Australia via Smart DNS

Smart DNS is probably one of the best methods to get to unblock geo-restrictive channels and stream Fubo TV in Australia. All it does is re-route the part of your URL that is responsible for making your location known to those geoblocked sites. When this is done you’ll be able to stream not only Fubo TV, but also HBO GO, NBC Sports, Sky Go, and others within Australia. Before you start using it, here are some pros and cons you should really consider.

  • Smart DNS works with whatever streaming device you might have. You don’t need any additional software to configure Smart DNS on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, Android or Amazon Fire TV.
  • Smart DNS doesn’t change your IP Address in order to access geo-blocked channels like Fubo TV in Australia. This means you’ll still be able to access your local channels such as SBS, ABC iView, and the rest.
  • Smart DNS does not encrypt your Internet traffic.
  • Your Internet speed stays the same even after you configure Smart DNS on your streaming device or router.

If you’re new to all this and don’t know which service provider to try out, head over to Unlocator. They have a free 7-day trial that allows you to test their full service. In total, you can get access to over 220 geoblocked channels including FuboTV using Unlocator.

Watch Fubo TV in Australia via VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) basically allows you to change your IP address and get a different IP from USA, UK, Canada, or anywhere else. With VPN, you also get the added benefit of encrypted Internet traffic. Thereby, for your ISP to spy on your online activities once you have established a VPN connection. Here’s more about VPN.

  • As mentioned above, VPN allows you to encrypt your traffic and surf the web anonymously.
  • VPN slightly reduces your Internet speed. The margin that it’s reduced by is quite small, although it can get smaller depending on which VPN service provider you decide to subscribe to.
  • VPN works perfectly fine even in the presence of ISP policies such as transparent proxies and DNS hijacking.
  • VPN apps for Android, PC, Mac or Windows make setting up a VPN connection relatively easy, even for people who have never used VPN before.
  • Once you connect to an American VPN server via the VPN app, you get access to all US-only streaming channels. This includes Fubo TV, American Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, WatchESPN, NBC Sports, and many more.

You can unblock FuboTV outside USA using a VPN service such as ExpressVPN. The following table contains the best VPN providers you can use to get around geoblocked in Australia.

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Major Football Leagues on Fubo TV

Unblock And Watch Fubo TV in Australia

In case you don’t have a Fubo TV account yet, you can sign up for a free 24-hour trial. Once done, you simply have to choose between VPN or Smart DNS proxies to watch live La Liga, Ligue 1, MLS, or Serie A via FuboTV in Australia.

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