Watch The Grand Tour in Australia Stream Online

How to stream The Grand Tour in Australia? James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond of the Top Gear fame are set to make a return to Motorsport action on a new TV show dubbed The Grand Tour, scheduled for a debut on the 18th of November 2016. The shows are currently set to only be available on Amazon Prime in UK, USA and Germany. Whether Amazon will sell their streaming rights to Australian channels is yet to be confirmed. Fortunately, it is possible to unblock Amazon Prime in Australia by using VPN or Smart DNS. This guide offers instructions on how to stream Grand Tour on Amazon Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, PS4/PS3, iOS, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox or Android.

Watch The Grand Tour in Australia Stream Online
Watch The Grand Tour in Australia Stream Online

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Get American Amazon Prime Account in Australia

Prior to configuring VPN or Smart DNS proxies to bypass geo-restrictive blocks, you will need to set up an Amazon Prime Account. Amazon accounts are programmed in such a manner that you will need one in the Amazon Prime region you want to unblock. This means that the holder of a German Amazon account won’t have access to American Amazon Prime.

The two items you need to create a US Amazon Prime account is an American credit card and an American address. Google can help you find the address, just search for a random one. The credit card, on the other hand, can be acquired through this alternative:

  1. Head over to and buy an Amazon Gift Card.
  2. Send that gift card to yourself.
  3. Add the money to your email address.
  4. Redeem the gift card and add money to your Amazon account.
  5. Ensure you delete all other cards linked to your Amazon account. The only method of payment left should be the gift card
  6. You should now be able to purchase American Amazon Prime.
  7. In case of any issues, visit and create a fake US credit card. Add the fake American credit card to your Amazon account and delete it afterward.

Stream Grand Tour in Australia with VPN

After creating your US Amazon Prime account, you will now need an American IP address. This should prevent you from receiving a location error when trying to stream The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime overseas. To acquire such an IP, you can use a VPN as it is able to mask your real IP address and allow you to surf using a US IP address. Geo-restricted streaming channels like Amazon Prime will be unable to detect that you are streaming from outside the US. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Register with a VPN provider that has US VPN servers
    2. Download then install the VPN app on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android device
    3. Launch the app and login using your VPN account info
    4. Either visit Amazon Prime or launch the Amazon Instant Video app
    5. Stream The Grand Tour Online
    6. To unblock UK or German Amazon Prime regions, connect to a corresponding VPN server

ExpressVPN have various remote VPN servers located in the US, UK as well as Germany. Their VPN servers allow you to unblock Amazon Prime from anywhere in the world. Apart from ExpressVPN, here are other top providers you might consider to watch The Grand Tour online.

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Watch Amazon’s Grand Tour in Australia with Smart DNS

Smart DNS is an another method you can apply to bypass regional restrictions. Compared to VPN, Smart DNS functions differently since it only redirects the URLs that reveal your location to Amazon. The advantages and disadvantages of this are:

  • You won’t lose access to your local streaming channels once you setup Smart DNS on your device. That means you do not need to reset your network configuration to watch SBS, iView, or any other Australian streaming channel.
  • Your Internet speed remains the same.
  • All your streaming devices support Smart DNS. This means you can watch the Grand Tour via Amazon Prime on Mac, PS4/PS3, Smart TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV or Xbox.
  • Your Internet traffic is however left unencrypted.

The best DNS proxy service you can use to watch Amazon Prime abroad is probably Unlocator since they support all the three Amazon Prime Regions i.e UK, US and Germany. They also offer a 7-day trial period for you to test them out. To configure Smart DNS, take a look at these videos, screenshots, and setup tutorials.

The Grand Tour in Australia – How to Watch Online

There are no clear signs that Amazon will sell their Grand Tour broadcasting rights to Australian streaming channels such as ABC iView, SBS, or Stan. If in any case an Australian channel is granted those rights, I’ll be sure to include those details in this article. Until then, the instructions in this help guide are enough to guarantee that you can watch The Amazon Grand Tour through a VPN or a Smart DNS.

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