Get HBO Now Go in Australia How to Unblock & Watch

HBO in Australia is geoblocked . HBO new streaming service offering TV shows like Game of Thrones Season 5. You need Smart DNS or VPN to bypass geographic restrictions. Learn how to unblock and watch HBO Now on iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku and Apple TV in Australia in this help guide. Bypass Foxtel. Watch GoT.

How to unblock and watch HBO Now in Australia - Smart DNS Proxy or VPN
How to unblock and watch HBO Now in Australia – Smart DNS Proxy or VPN

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HBO Now/HBO Go in Australia – VPN

In a nutshell, VPN establishes a private connection between you and a network located in another country, like USA. This fools websites into believing that you are located in a country where their services is available.

  • The main difference between VPN and Smart DNS is that VPN actually changes your IP address. It allows you to obtain a US IP address. Thus, you get access to all US channels at once. US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, CBS All Access, Sling TV, and HBO Go all become available.
  • There are VPN apps for iPhone and iPad which make the installation much easier.
  • For Apple TV and other streaming devices, you have to setup VPN on a VPN router.
  • VPN slows down your Internet speed. You get a complete data encryption in return. ISPs and websites won’t be able to spy on your online activity.

ExpressVPN offer fast VPN servers in US. This is essential if you want to stream GoT Season 5 on HBO Now without buffering issues.

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HBO Now/HBO Go in Australia – How to unblock and watch with Smart DNS.

HBO Now is exclusively available in USA. Therefore, you have to spoof your true location. By setting up your device with Smart DNS, you can trick HBO Now to believe you are in the US.

  • iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Smart TV, PS4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku are all compatible with Smart DNS.
  • Your local IP address does not change which means you still have access to all exclusive Australian websites.
  • You won’t have to pay any Internet speed penalty when using Smart DNS.
  • Smart DNS even allows you to unblock multi-geoblocked content simultaneously. You could be watching HBO Now, UK Netflix, and Star Sports at the same time.

Now choosing a Smart DNS proxy service with a large amount of unblocked channels is very important. Unlocator for example do provide DNS codes that unblock 205 geographically restricted sites. That list does include HBO Now. If you need help with your Smart DNS configuration, check out their setup guides. They offer a free 7 day trial, too.

HBO Now in Australia – Other Important Info

You can find iTunes gift voucher for the US iTunes store online. This is important in order to pay for your HBO Now subscription. Smart DNS or VPN will do the rest for you to unblock and watch HBO Now in Australia.

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