Best VPN to Hide IP Address on Kodi?

One of most asked about questions concerning Kodi is whether one would need to hide their IP address when using Kodi or not. The answer depends upon how exactly you use the service. If you use Kodi for streaming content from your local hardware e.g your hard disk drive, then you shouldn’t really worry about anything. Individuals who use Kodi for watching movies, live sports broadcasts and TV shows online via unofficial Kodi addons are the ones that should really consider using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. This tutorial intends to show these users how exactly they can hide their IP address on Kodi, so as to stream movies anonymously in Australia.

How to Hide IP Address on Kodi XBMC?
How to Hide IP Address on Kodi XBMC?

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What is Kodi?

For those not very familiar with the software, Kodi basically is a multimedia entertainment hub. It allows you to both stream videos that are locally stored on any of your local device. You can also use Kodi to watch movies, TV shows, and live sports by adding various Kodi addon. Kodi was formerly known as XBMC.

Do I Need To Hide My IP Address when Using Kodi?

The truth is you should hide your Kodi IP address. In many countries, streaming content that could be copyright protected is considered illegal. Most people don’t quite understand everything regarding the content you can stream, and that which you cannot. This creates a loophole for copyright trolls who are quick to harass Internet users that aren’t quite aware of this thin line. These trolls tend to bully Internet users into paying compensations for ‘illegal’ streaming and downloading of movies on Kodi or other devices when in real sense, no one has broken any law.

Aside from this, most Kodi users have come forward to report about receiving warning letters from their ISPs. They aren’t really worried about the warning letters, but what scares them is the fact that their ISP is spying on their online activity. If you’re like most users, you might be a bit uncomfortable over the fact that someone has access to your browsing history and online activity. If so, you should consider using VPN not only for streaming with Kodi, but also for your day-to-day browsing.

How To Hide Your IP Address on Kodi?

As a frequent online user, you should know that your IP address is what is used to identify you online. It reveals details such as your personal information as well as your physical location. These are details that you’d typically not want to divulge, so it’s essential that you get a solution that allows you to hide that address. To do this, you could use Tor proxies, or even better, a virtual private network as this is the most effective solution available. Aside from spoofing your location, it also encrypts your Internet traffic such that no one else is able to spy on your online activities.

If you’re a fan of streaming online videos and content, VPN lets you unblock geographic restrictions set up on some of the world’s popular channels including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and HBO GO, all of which have Kodi addons.

Setting up VPN on Kodi to hide your IP address

Now that you know you need to change your IP address to stream geo-restricted content through Kodi addons, all that’s left for you to do is to get a hold of the VPN app that will facilitate the installation process for your streaming device. You can do this through your service provider’s website whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Linux, Android or Mac. Thereafter, connect to a VPN server. This should allow you to launch Kodi easily and watch your movies anonymously.

Installing VPN manually is also another option that you might want to try out. All you should do is follow through the instructions that’ll guide you through the installation procedure.If not, setting up a VPN connection on your router might be another resort. This will allow all the streaming devices connected to your router to stream through the same VPN server.

The Best VPN To Hide Your IP Address On Kodi

If by this point you’ve decided you want a VPN provider who ensures your online privacy, and is also compatible with Kodi, then IPVanish is one provider to think about. They have various VPN servers scattered across 20 different countries and are sure not to keep any logs of your browsing activity. If you’d still like to try out various providers to decide on your own, here’s a list of options you could start with.





Hiding your IP Address on Kodi with VPN

If you conduct sensitive work online, or if you just want to maintain your privacy while streaming movies, TV shows, or live sports through Kodi, use VPN. It assures you of utmost privacy and keeps your personal information away from the hands of spammers, hackers, and copyright trolls.

*Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes. We do not in any way condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming.

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