Are Kodi Boxes Legal & Safe in Australia?

If you’ve heard of Kodi XBMC, then you know that the app is really gaining popularity especially in Australia and is quickly turning into one of the most used streaming apps in the market. Purchasing pre-setup, Android-based Kodi boxes is also starting to get easier due to the many online sellers you can find on Ebay or Amazon. Despite all this, a rising concern that new Kodi users continue to have is whether these Android Media Players are really safe to use, and also, if you can get into trouble if you buy the Kodi TV box online.

Are Android Media Players Illegal in Australia?
Are Kodi TV Boxes Legal & Safe in Australia?

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Kodi Boxes – Are they Safe to Use in Australia?

When you ask whether these boxes are safe to use, what you really want to know is whether the streaming device comes with any viruses or malware installed on it. This is a very pertinent concern because Kodi themselves have well documented incidents on their website where Kodi TV boxes have been discovered to be infected with such malicious software. As with all purchases made online, it’s fairly important to make sure you’ve read through credible reviews about your product before making your purchase. The same strongly applies with Kodi boxes as well as their sellers.

Once you get your Kodi box, it won’t hurt to add an extra layer of protection against any malicious software you might come across when streaming. You can do this by setting up an antivirus like Avast, MalwareBytes or BitDefender on your device since the Android platform easily supports these protective applications. This should ideally be the first thing you do after connecting to a WiFi network. Kodi antivirus addons like Security Shield are also good options to consider.

Kodi TV Boxes – Are they Legal to Use in Australia?

The answer to this question depends entirely in your country of residence. Australians should know that their country is among those that have very strict laws against online piracy. This is because the government really wants to discourage the distribution of pirated content through some of the Kodi addons that are used to stream certain movies and TV shows. Australian ISPs clamping down on sites containing illegal or pirated material goes to show how serious these privacy laws.

Telstra, Optus, TPG or M2, it doesn’t really matter which ISP you are using. They can all easily track down what you’re up to online. It’s probably the biggest reason why Kodi TV box users find copyright infringement notices in their email inbox sent to warn them about their Internet use. If you’re one of those not looking forward to these emails, then using VPN on your Kodi TV box might be a good suggestion. It’ll allow you to stream TV series, movies and live TV channels anonymously.

Best VPNs to Use on Android Media Players

Whether you happen to be streaming via your Android, PC, iOS, Fire Stick or Kodi TV Box, there’s a high possibility that your ISP already knows what your favourite sites and shows are. This is where a solution like VPN can come in to help you achieve online anonymity. Here’s how.

  • VPN allows you to hide your public IP address so that nobody is able to trace your torrent downloads back to you.
  • There’s a variety of VPN apps that are compatible with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC and Android. It would be even better if your router has a VPN client. This way you can setup your VPN connection on it.
  • VPN allows you to bypass regional restrictions and unblock geoblocked content so that you can watch geo-restricted content through your Kodi addons.
  • Connecting to a VPN server allows you to prevent government agencies, copyright trolls and even your ISPs from spying on you.

If you ask me, I think IPVanish is the most reliable VPN to use on Kodi TV boxes since they don’t keep any logs of what their users are doing online. Their VPN servers work quite well with Kodi as well. Here are also some other top Kodi VPN services that you could consider.





Top Kodi Android TV Boxes in 2017

  • Oobersticks
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Razor Forge TV
  • Matricom G Box Q2
  • Google Nexus Player

Bottom Line on Whether Kodi TV Boxes are Safe and Legal to Use in Australia

How to go about these Kodi TV boxes can be tricky at times, but the best way to ensure you don’t run into any problems and still ensure that your online privacy and security is not compromised is to sign up with a VPN service like IPVanish on your Kodi TV Box. This will keep you in the clear and away from any safety and legal issues.

*Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes. We do not in any way condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming.

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