Watch NBC Sports in Australia How to Unblock via VPN/DNS Proxy

NBC Sports Live Extra is a US streaming channels that offers live broadcast of the Rio 2016 Olympics, NBA, MLS, NFL, and NHL. NBC Sports is geoblocked outside USA. That means that even if you have an American cable subscription, you cannot watch NBC Sports in Australia due to geo-restrictions. The good news is that both VPN and Smart DNS can unblock NBC Sports Live abroad. Read the following help guide on how to watch NBC Sports in Australia on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Android, PC, Mac, or Amazon Fire TV.

Unblock and Watch NBC Sports in Australia with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy
Unblock and Watch NBC Sports in Australia with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

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How to watch NBC Sports in Australia with VPN

If you have already tried watching NBC Sports Live Extra in Australia, you probably came across the following error message: “This content is currently unavailable.”  To bypass that error, you have to make NBC Sports believe you are located in USA. That is what VPN allows you to do. By changing your IP address from Australian to American, VPN makes your streaming devices appear to be located in the USA.

  • By connecting to an American VPN server, you can gain access to all US-only streaming channels. NBC Sports, WatchESPN, Fox Sports, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go all become unblocked.
  • If you value your privacy online, VPN is the perfect tool to protect your private info. All your traffic is encrypted when connecting to a VPN server.
  • To unblock streaming channels from UK, for instance, switch to a UK VPN server. This will unblock BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, ITV, 4OD, and the likes.
  • Since all your Internet connection is redirected to a remote server, you might experience a slight drop in your Internet speed.

Sign up with ExpressVPN if you wish to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra in Australia using VPN. ExpressVPN offer mutiple American VPN servers you can connect to in order to get a US IP address.

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NBC Sports Live Extra Unblock in Australia with Smart DNS Proxy

The main issue with VPN is that you cannot stream Australian channels as long as you are connected to the VPN server. These local channels will treat you as being outside Australia. To avoid this predicament, use Smart DNS to unblock NBC Sports in Australia.

  • Smart DNS allows you to unblock geo-restricted channels without changing your IP address.
  • SBS, Plus7, TenPlay, and ABC iView can all be viewed simultaneously while you are watching NBC Sports Live Extra.
  • You can also unblock streaming channels from other regions such as BBC iPlayer, BeIN Sports, and Star Sports using one Smart DNS configuration.
  • Smart DNS does not affect your Internet speed.

Head over to Unlocator and sign up for a free 7-day trial in order to test Smart DNS. To configure your streaming device, follow these setup guides.

NBC Sports Live Extra Compatible Devices

  • PC/Mac.
  • Roku.
  • iPhone/iPad.
  • Apple TV.
  • Roku.
  • Android.

Unblock and Watch NBC Sports Live Extra in Australia How to?

I’ve successfully used Smart DNS and VPN to unblock NBC Sports in Australia. NBC Sports offer great coverage of all kinds of sports so it’s all well worth it.

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