Best VPN Australia 2017 Ultimate Guide

What is the best VPN in Australia 2017? The recent enactment of the new anti-piracy bill by the Australian parliament has increased Australian Internet users’ awareness of the importance of online privacy. Australian ISPs have banned popular torrent and streaming sites. Add to that the fact channels like Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, and Sky Go are geoblocked Down Under. Using VPN allows you to unblock local and global streaming websites and channels. Here’s my best VPN Australia guide for 2017.

Best VPN Australia 2017 Ultimate Guide
Best VPN Australia 2017 Ultimate Guide

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A Virtual Private Network: Definition

There’s a very high chance you’ve heard someone mention ‘VPN’ either in your workplace or school, especially if the topic of discussion had something to do with some form of restricted Internet access. If you wondered what they were talking about but didn’t really have the time to check it out, i’ll be happy to give you a brief overview of what VPN is & how it all works.

Virtual Private Networks are actually meant to protect one’s online privacy by encrypting your Internet traffic as soon as you connect to a remote VPN server. You get to surf the web anonymously, and also access banned sites since you’ll be operating on a private network. It’s advantages also extend to allowing you to unblock geo-restricted streaming channels like US Netflix, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer as well as Hulu.

Can I Get VPN For Free?

The short answer is yes, you can. There are plenty of VPN providers that won’t charge you anything for using their service. What you should know is, these ‘free’ VPN services come at a hidden price:

  • For starters, they have the potential to sell your private data to third parties.
  • Your Internet might not be properly encrypted. Your ISP and other parties might still be able to track your online activity.
  • If you are properly encrypted, there’s a high chance that you’re just one among so many people that subscribed to their free service. This may lead to a server overload since all of you will be browsing, streaming & downloading content.
  • There’s really no 24/7 customer support available. This is something you’ll regret at that moment you run into a technical issue.
  • Most free VPN providers aren’t able to unblock American Netflix, Amazon Prime or other geoblocked channels.

Best VPN Australia 2017

Now that we’ve covered what to expect with the free ones, let’s look the kind of features top VPN providers give to you once you subscribe to their services.

  • 24/7 Support: Around-the-clock support is essential in case you run into any issues while setting up or using your VPN connection.
  • VPN Protocols: Proper VPN providers avail support for for all the four main VPN protocols: IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP.
  • Speed: The higher the number of servers your provider has, the faster and more reliable your Internet connection will be.
  • Global VPN Servers: Access to any geoblocked channel you want since your provider should have VPN servers all around the world.
  • VPN Apps: You will need applications for your iPad, Linux, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac if you want to setup your connection in the shortest time possible.
  • Refund Policy: In case the credible VPN provider you signed up with doesn’t quite match up to your expectations, expect them to have laid out a clear 30-day money-back guaranteed refund policy.
  • No Logs Policy: Try and make sure your VPN provider doesn’t keep any logs of your Internet use. You’ll find this clarification in it’s ‘terms of use’ document.

ExpressVPN tops our best VPN Australia 2017 list. They do meet all of the features listed above. Other services that come close to what ExpressVPN provides include the following.

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Best VPN Australia 2017 Review Guide – Conclusion

The need to secure your online privacy, access banned sites and even unblock geoblocked channels is slowly on the rise. This is especially true for Aussies who spend a bulk of their time on the Internet. Hopefully, this best Australia VPN review guide has done more than provide insight before you sign up with a credible VPN.

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