How to Watch DR TV in Australia with VPN/DNS Proxies

Streaming DR TV in Australia can be an issue for Danish expatriates who do not know about Smart DNS or VPN. They get disappointed each time an error message pops up on their screens, informing them that they can’t really access their favourite channel since they are outside Denmark. This is because DR TV is one of those geo-blocked channels, whose access is restricted to individuals residing within the streaming channel’s home country. Smart DNS and VPN allow you to work around geoblocks and access DR TV from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch DR TV in Australia with VPN/DNS Proxies
How to Watch DR TV in Australia with VPN/DNS Proxies

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Watching DR TV in Australia with VPN

A Virtual Private Network will help you to keep track of your preferred entertainment channels while in Australia by hiding your actual IP address. Your IP address is like your identity on the Internet & this form of identity carries details like your name, location and even your ISP’s details. To stream DR TV in Australia, the IP is hidden so as not to disclose your location. This way, you’ll be able to stream content from a geo-restrictive site. A VPN also:

  • VPN slightly reduces your Internet speed; although the extent depends on the provider you settle on.
  • A virtual private network encrypts your Internet traffic. Your browsing history will only be available to you; and not to your ISP provider or anyone else.
  • ISP policies such as transparent proxies or DNS hijacking have no effect on VPN.
  • VPN apps make it easy to install a VPN on your Android, Mac, Windows, iPad, or iPhone.

To watch DR TV in Australia, try out a VPN provider like ExpressVPN which guarantees a refund within 30 days. Other VPN services you can use to unblock Danish channels abroad are listed below.

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Using Smart DNS to unblock DR TV in Australia

Smart DNS is slowly becoming one of the most popular solutions to unblock geo-restricted channels regardless of wherever you might be. This is because it compatible with a wide array of devices. Using Smart DNS has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Smart DNS does not in any way affect your browsing speed. Your connectivity remains the same.
  • Smart DNS doesn’t need additional software to work with your devices. You can easily install it on your Android, Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  • You get to keep your original IP address. This means you’ll get access to both local and international channels.
  • ISP policies such as transparent proxies and DNS hijacking do negatively affect Smart DNS.
  • Whether you can use Smart DNS to unblock DR TV and other Danish streaming channels depends on which Smart DNS proxy service you are using.

Unlocator is a Danish Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking Viaplay, TV2 Play, HBO Nordic, TV3, as well as DR TV outside Denmark. You can sign up for a 7-day trial to test their service for free. Smart DNS setup guides and videos are also available.

Smart DNS vs VPN: Which should I choose?

Deciding between Smart DNS and VPN can be a bit difficult for individuals who are new to these two concepts. However, it all boils down to what your specific needs are, and what you’re willing to compromise. For example, ExpressVPN gives you guaranteed privacy at the expense of the slight reduction of your browsing speed, while Unlocator allows you to maintain your normal browsing speed, without that extra layer of privacy. Whichever solution you choose, both are guaranteed to enable you to watch DR TV in Australia.

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