Watch Star Sports in Australia How to Unblock with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Star Sports is a channel based in India where the local residents have access to content dealing with sports. They can watch many local sporting events including selected live international events right on Star Sports. So it definitely is a strong asset for someone who would desire to have sports on his devices at all times. The problem with streaming Star Sports is that if you live outside India in countries including the UK, Norway, USA, Australia, Germany – you will not have access to any content on Star Sports. For this issue, there is a solution – that solution involves bypassing the geographical restrictions by Star Sports and getting unblocked access to all their content. Star Sports is also available on many devices including your iPhone, Nokia Phones, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC – which also aid in its glory.

How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Australia with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy
How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Australia with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

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How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Australia using VPN

Living in Australia you get access to cricket events by local renders, but you still don’t have the same quality of sport entertainment and selection that Star Sports has to offer. So to unblock your access to content on Star Sports you are in need of VPN. Virtual Private Network will modify your device’s IP address so the servers down at Star Sports will be tricked into thinking that your device is in India. By doing this, you will get complete access to all the content they have to offer. It is pretty simple, but definitely involves some initial setting up. You can also use your VPN to unblock other streaming sites such as Stan, HBO Go, Shomi, and OSN Play.

  • Sign up with a quality VPN provider, and make sure that it has good reviews including customer ratings.
  • You will need to install any software or drivers that come with VPN on all devices that you want to stream on. Lucky for you, VPN’s supports all devices that Star Sports is compatible with such as Android, Mac, PC, Nokia, and iPhone.
  • VPN’s will also slow down your connection which solely depends on the quality and location of VPN that you chose.
  • The advantage with using VPN is that your device will get additional protection is terms of security and privacy when connected.
  • VPN’s are really easy to setup and won’t take much, after that it’s just a push button to get your connection secured.

ExpressVPN is a quality VPN available for you to avail and will give you assurance of reliability when using their services. ExpressVPN comes with a thirty day refund policy in which at any time you can return the service and get your money back instantly. If however ExpressVPN is not the right VPN to stir your boat, there are many alternatives for you to check out – and most of them should work great.

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How to unblock and watch Star Sports in Australia using Smart DNS Proxy

Other than using VPN you can always use Smart DNS Proxy, this method is a little more harder to put down in your device but will definitely make your days easier. So Smart DNS Proxy basically redirects traffic coming to your device and makes it believe that your device is situated in its country of designation. By doing this, Star Sports in this case – will automatically start sending you the data of content that you request from it.

  • Smart DNS Proxies can work on many devices including your Mac, Android, iPhone, and PC. So you would not need to worry about its compatibility much.
  • If you want to watch on multiple platforms such as Netflix, Showmax, or KlowdTV – you can do that without having to change any settings on your devices.
  • Smart DNS Proxy will also not affect your internet speed, so it beats VPN here by giving you maximum potential on bandwidth.
  • The issue that Smart DNS Proxy creates is the fact that your ISP can hijack and use transparent proxies. In that case, use VPN instead of Smart DNS to unblock Star Sports abroad.

A reliable Smart DNS Proxy provider is Unlocator which comes on a seven day trial in which you have plenty of time to try it out and see if it works for you. Unlocator also comes with setup guides and videos to make it as easy as possible for you when setting up the service. Unlocator seems to be a quite decent Smart DNS Proxy and surely deserves a try.

Compatible Devices for Star Sports

Listed below are all the device which support Star Sports.

  • PC and Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

What is better, VPN or Smart DNS Proxy for unblocking Star Sports in Australia?

So here you will have to make the final decision on whether you are going to opt for VPN or Smart DNS Proxy, and solving this dilemma will prove to be a nuisance. Both services will work for you it’s just VPN has a more secure but slower connection. The Smart DNS Proxy is harder to setup but will be faster in the future to initialize. Try to decide between the two because it really doesn’t matter, both techniques will work.

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