How to Unblock Hotstar in Australia Watch with VPN

Hotstar in an online platform for viewing content including TV shows and movies within India. If you reside outside of the designated area, the services that Hotstar offers is not accessible to you. New series of shows such as Game of Thrones and the latest movies are mostly released on Hotstar, with Hotstar also being an official sports streaming channel. If you want to therefore watch Hotstar, but reside outside of India in such countries including the UK, Germany, Norway, Australia, USA, or Canada – you can. It’s quite simple to actually get access to the service and does not require you to do much work. Since many people require this service, you can use VPN to bypass geographical restrictions and watch unblocked content on Hotstar. Hotstar also supports many devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

How to Unblock Hotstar in Australia Watch with VPN
How to Unblock Hotstar in Australia Watch with VPN

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How to Unblock and Watch Hotstar in Australia using VPN

So at your convenience for unblocking Hotstar you have Virtual Private Network. VPN simply changes your computer’s IP address so the servers will think that you are actually in India. When they verify that your IP address is an Indian one, they will proceed with sending you the data that you need. At this point you have unblocked all the content and can now stream hassle-free.

  • You will need to sign up for VPN which works best with what you require, in this case it’s mainly for bypassing geographical restrictions.
  • Install the software that comes with VPN on all the devices that you want to stream Hotstar on. VPN’s support many devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Here comes the bad part, VPN will slow down your connection depending on the quality of VPN that you purchase.
  • Now the good part, and one of the only reasons some people use VPN is simply because it will give you an extra layer of security and privacy when you are streaming content on the internet.
  • Virtual Private Networks can be used for a variety of purposes and one of them is to also unblock content on other sites including Stan, BBC iPlayer, Shomi, and HBO Go.

A quality VPN that you can purchase now is ExpressVPN. This VPN should easily be able to deal with bypassing geographical restrictions by Hotstar. ExpressVPN also comes with a thirty day refund policy in which you can return the service if it doesn’t work out for you. Other than ExpressVPN there are many other options available for you to choose from, and they all should be able to work for you.

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Compatible Devices with Hotstar

Listed below are the devices on which Hotstar can be streamed.

  • PC and Mac
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

Is VPN really the way to go for Unblocking Hotstar in Australia?

Well VPN is a great option and one that will make your bypass the geographical restrictions easily. You only need to set it up and turn it on, after that it will work with your device to unblock the content without a hassle. You really need to decide which brand of VPN will work with your requirements at best, after you do that it’s really a matter of trust.



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